A Brief History of the Santa Fe Institute for Spirituality

For the past 30 summers, the Santa Fe Institute for Spirituality (SFIS) has provided classes, talks, and discussions of important Catholic doctrines taught by outstanding saints. While the list of presenters over the years is long, the highlight of every summer has been the week-long classes taught by De La Salle Christian Brother Brian Dybowski, FSC, PhD on the Doctors of the Church. In recent years, at the request of some students, Brother Brian has taught weekly sessions throughout the year, most recently the riches of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Brother Brian Dybowski and friends founded SFIS in 1986 at the College of Santa Fe. From 1859, the Christian Brothers Community has served the people of Santa Fe, and continues by supporting SFIS. Nourished by the 400 year Hispanic Catholic traditions of New Mexico, and the 150 year Brothers’ service, SFIS honors both traditions.

Biography of Brother Brian Dybowski, FSC, PhDBro. Brian Dybowski

After teaching at the College of Santa Fe for 44 years, Brother Brian now  teaches at SFIS and at Lewis University in Albuquerque. He applies his earned  doctorates in Philosophy and Psychology, and his Master’s degrees to teach Philosophy, Scripture and Spirituality.

Our Mission Statement

 The Santa Fe Institute for Spirituality exists to provide programs of information and formation in authentic Catholic spirituality to serve: all people yearning for genuine spirituality, the people of God, by helping train spiritual directors, catechists, and religious instructors, religious and others who contend with the wave of inauthentic spirituality, and our Archbishop, by providing a wide range of expertise to assist him to present the riches of genuine Catholic spirituality.

Summer 2013 Program

We had an inspiring summer this past year.  Lloyd and Nancy Greenhaw, world-wide evangelists, were with us in May for a Day of Healing.  They taught us about overcoming the dark side – temptations of everyday life, and how to live a more God-centered existence using the Unbound technique of self-deliverance. You can learn more about their ministry at www.renewalministries.net.

In June Brother Brian spent a week describing for us the life and works of St. Augustine of Hippo, a walk back in time to the fourth century during the decline of the Roman Empire, when St. Augustine wrote his masterpieces of Catholic thought and autobiography.  In July we were taught about St. Therese of Lisieux by one of today’s foremost experts on her life, Christian Brother Joseph Schmidt, FSC.  Brother Joseph is the author of Walking The Little Way of Therese of Lisieux: Discovering The Path Of Love.

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